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Weight Management over 40

If you consider the age of 40 to be “over the hill”, then think again. Just because you are 40 or over does not mean your lifestyle, health, and physique has to start to decline. In fact, aging should be motivation to lose weight and get healthy in order to enjoy the many years you have left. If you find that losing weight (and keeping it off!) becomes more difficult as you age, then turn to Total HealthcareMD. Total HealthcareMD specializes in weight management over 40 and can help you achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Weight Gain Over 40

During your early 40’s, hormonal changes begin to take affect. These changes affect many aspect of your body, such as digestion, metabolism, and even the growth rate of your cells. Although it is a natural part of life, you must learn to understand your new body and the challenges that come along with aging.

Struggling With Weight Loss Over 40

If you are struggling with weight loss, there may be an underlying medical condition to blame. Total HealthcareMD specializes in weight management over 40 and understands that at times there may be a metabolic reason behind the dreaded weight gain, such a thyroid problem.

Thyroid problems occur in 1 out of 5 adults over the age of 40. That is why Total HealthcareMD offers metabolic testing in office. The professionals at Total HealthcareMD not only develop a weight loss plan tailored to your individual needs, but also get to the root of your issues to ensure you not only lose weight, but keep the weight off.

Tips for Weight Management Over 40

Watch Your Diet: This can be difficult if you never had to watch what you eat. However, as your metabolism begins to slow with age, it is wise to start eating smaller meals throughout the day. Eating 5 or 6 small meals spaced 3 hours apart is ideal. Introducing fat-fighting foods into your diet is a wise way to help lose unwanted pounds. The professionals at Total HealthcareMD will aid you in creating a customized meal plan and provide recipes for fat-fighting meals.

Exercise: The more muscle you have, the more effectively your body burns calories. As you age, it is natural to lose muscle, so exercise is a must. Total HealthcareMD will develop an exercise program to fit your lifestyle and fitness level.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Sleep is an important component in weight loss. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep is directly correlated to weight gain due to the hormones leptin and ghrelin that control hunger and feeling full. When you are tired, ghrelin levels increase and leptin levels decrease resulting in more cravings and the inability to cure your hunger. Also, your body’s most metabolically active while you sleep, so rest is key.

Set Realistic Goals: Weight loss does not happen overnight. For many, it can be a slow and difficult process. You may find yourself needing the support of others to keep you from getting discouraged and from giving up. The professionals at Total HealthcareMD will be with you every step of the way providing encouragement and support when you need it most.

Eliminate Underlying Conditions: If you suspect you may have an underlying medical condition that is affecting your weight loss, talk to the professionals at Total HealthcareMD today. They specialize in weight management over 40 and it is their priority to identify and address any underlying condition, such as a metabolic reason, for your weight gain.

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If you are ready to make a positive lifestyle change, contact Total HealthcareMD for a free weight loss consultation. Our team of weight loss professionals will have you feeling and looking like your old self in no time.

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