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Weight Loss Tips for Moms on the Go

As a mom, at times it is difficult to find the time to clean the house, cook dinner, or even shower, let alone workout. However, if you are interested in losing weight, making positive lifestyle changes may fit into your busy mom schedule better than you think. Below are a few weight loss tips for moms on the go.

Drink Plenty of Water: I know you have heard it time and time before, but water is an important aspect in weight loss. Although you may be tempted to refill your coffee cup 10 times before 9:00 A.M., or go on a caffeine binge in the afternoon to keep your eyes open, you may be surprised that skipping caffeine and increasing your water intake can make you feel better and less sluggish. Set a goal for yourself and keep drinking that water until you have achieved your goal for the day– then you won’t feel so guilty rewarding yourself with a glass of wine once the kids are sleep.

Get Active With The Kids: It is no secret that most children are little balls of energy. Use this to your advantage and plan activities that are fun for the kids and provide a cardiovascular workout for yourself. For example, find a mommy and me dance class or a mommy and me yoga class. Additionally, bouncing with your kids at a local trampoline park, or chasing them around the playground at your neighborhood park, are great ways to work up a sweat.

Eat In: Although it may be tempting (and more convenient) to run through a drive thru for lunch or order in a pizza for dinner, cooking at home is a healthier choice when weight loss is involved. Try meal planning to reduce stress and to keep your fridge stocked with healthy options. Knowing how many calories you should be ingesting is an important part aspect of weight loss, and much easier to control from your own kitchen.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep: If you have young children, you are probably asking yourself, “what’s sleep?”. Once the kids are in bed, you may be tempted to clean the house, fold laundry, and wash the dishes. Although household chores are important, and you can burn a few calories vacuuming, sleep is needed for successful weight loss. Therefore, put down the mop and hit the sack early so you have the motivation and energy to make positive lifestyle changes again tomorrow.

Although it may be difficult to find time for yourself, it is important to remain healthy for many reasons including the sake of your children. If you are ready to make a positive lifestyle change, Total HealthcareMD may be right for you.

Total HealthcareMD Specializes in Helping Moms

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