Selecting the perfect holiday gift is never an easy task. There is much research, thought, and time that goes into holiday shopping. However, when someone on your shopping list is participating in a weight loss program, it can become even more challenging to come up with the perfect present.

The key to selecting a gift for a weight conscious friend is to be considerate. Opt out of buying something exercise related unless it is something they have specifically asked for. It may make them feel bad about their body image if you surprise them with a diet item or exercise equipment. Additionally, try to avoid giving gifts that may sabotage their diet, such as sweets.

Below, we have come up with a few weight loss friendly gift ideas, sure to please anyone on your list.

  1. Kitchen Gadgets: Diet is a big a part of a weight loss program. Usually, it is much healthier to cook at home then to dine out. Gifts for the kitchen, such as a nice blender for smoothies or a food processor for easy cooking are not only practical, but they are weight loss friendly as well.  If you want to get creative, a carbonation machine is a fun way to make flavored water at home, and it is a healthy alternative to soda.
  1. Workout Clothing: For someone on a weight loss program, exercise is important as well. New workout clothing and athletic gear is a great motivator for hitting the gym. Gifts in this category can range from low price, such as running socks, to high end designer duds, such a shoes and leggings.
  1. Necessary Accessories: There are always new workout accessories hitting the market, but you don’t have to purchase the next big thing to make an impact. Basics such as yoga mats, gym bags, earbuds, and reusable water bottles make great gifts. For the avid runner in your life, a fanny pack style running belt or an iPod holder are great gifts to consider as well.       
  1. Big Ticket Items: If you are thinking big, think bicycle. Bike’s can be fun for the whole family and are a great way to get outdoors and exercise while exploring new places. Fitness trackers are also a fun gadget, and if you include the whole family, step competitions are a great way to encourage activity and promote a healthy lifestyle.             
  1. Healthy Snacks: If gift baskets are more your style, skip the cheese straws and peanut brittle and instead do a fruit basket. A basket of oranges straight from Florida or a crate of fresh pears are not only delicious, but also healthy snacks for someone who is health conscious.

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