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Weight Loss Doctor at Total HealthcareMD

With the diverse array of weight loss programs on the market today, you may be wondering which one is right for you. If you’re searching for a safe, effective weight loss program that can help you lose the pounds and keep them off for good, opting for a medically supervised weight loss program is your best bet.

Medically supervised weight loss programs involve weight loss doctors that design custom programs based on scientific evidence of effectiveness and results. Instead of simply educating you on how to eat healthy and exercise properly, they show you how to change certain routines and behaviors that have prompted weight gain in the first place.

At Total HealthcareMD, our weight loss doctor, Dr. Martin van Cleef, treats every patient as an individual to help them find a solution that meets their particular health conditions, metabolism, medical history, body type, lifestyle needs, and diet preferences. Here are some more details on our weight loss doctor and what you can expect from our medically supervised weight loss program:

Weight Loss Dr. Martin van Cleeff

Dr. Martin van Cleef’s Background

Weight loss doctor and board certified internist, Dr. Martin van Cleef, is honored to serve as Total HealthcareMD’s medical director. He holds a bachelor degree in biochemistry from Duke University and a medical degree from the Bowman Grey School of Medicine at Wake Forest University. In addition, Dr. van Cleef received his master degree in human nutrition from Columbia University and has earned  the prestigious Patients Choice and Compassionate Doctor Recognition several times.


60 Minute Health Consultation

It’s essential for patients to thoroughly understand their current state of health prior to starting any type of weight loss regimen. In order for patients to find out where they stand health-wise, Dr. van Cleef will conduct a 60 minute health consultation. During the consultation, our weight loss doctor will perform several blood tests to find out if your weight is correlated with hyperlipemdia, diabetes, and/or other medical conditions. In addition to investigating your physical health, he will analyze your mental health and diet history to ensure a weight loss program is ideal for your personal challenges and goals.
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If you’re serious about losing weight and ready to achieve long-lasting weight loss success, contact Total HealthcareMD today. Weight loss doctor, Dr. van Cleef, looks forward to making your weight loss goals a reality that brings long term happiness and confidence to your life.

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