Thoughtful meal planning is essential for most diet plans. Believe it or not, meal planning can become easier with the help of meal planning smartphone app. There are countless meal planning apps that were specifically designed to take the hassle out of meal planning and support individuals with their weight loss goals. At Total HealthcareMD, we recommend the following these three as the best meal planning apps for our patients:

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1. Ziplist

Initially, Ziplist was designed as a basic grocery shopping list organizer. Over the years, it evolved to become a meal planner as well as a recipe organizer and a shopping tool. While the main focus of Ziplist is on organizing weekly shopping trips, it offers a platform that makes it easy to save favorite recipes.

When it’s time to create a meal plan, individuals can add certain recipes to each day and generate a grocery list that is based on the selected recipes. Meal plans can be synced with smartphone calendars so that meal planners can receive notifications each day on what to make. In addition, Ziplist can inform individuals of sales and coupons that are available in the grocery stores they frequent.

2. Food Planner
Food Planner makes it easy for individuals to import their favorite recipes from around the internet and use them to design meal plans and grocery lists. Once a recipe is imported, app users can make notes or edit the recipe. They can add the recipe ingredients to a grocery list along with prices to make budgeting convenient. Additionally, individuals can keep an inventory of the items in their pantry so that they do not make unnecessary purchases. When it’s time to prepare a meal, users can access the recipe and take advantage of Food Planner’s handy timer.

3. Five Plates
Every Saturday morning, those who have downloaded Five Plates will receive five dinner recipes paired with a grocery list. These five recipes use healthy, whole foods and can be prepared in an hour or less. Five Plate was developed by a working mom and is ideal to anyone who wants to take the guesswork out of meal planning yet values well-balanced meals that are essential for sticking to diet plans. Five Plates users can benefit from fresh meals all week long without spending a lot of time and energy on meal planning.

The benefits of meal planning are endless. With the three impressive meal planning apps listed above, following diet plans has never been easier. For assistance with meal planning and your weight loss goals, contact Total HealthcareMD today.