How to Be Accountable to Your Weight Loss Goals

When trying to achieve weight loss goals by staying persistent with a healthy diet and personalized exercise plans, willpower alone is not always enough to keep a weight loss patient on track. To be able to lose weight and keep it off for good, accountability is key. However, we all know that maintaining accountability is easier said than done. Therefore, the weight loss experts at Total HealthcareMD compiled this list of tips and tricks to keep you accountable throughout your weight loss journey.

Create a Contract with Yourself

Write down your weight loss plan on paper, make a contract with yourself, and sign it. The contract should include a summary of your goals and an in-depth description of how you plan to meet these goals. It should also mention your diet program and personalized exercise plans. When you sign a document, you are more likely to hold yourself accountable and meet your fitness goals.

Record Your Progress

Knowing that you’ve made progress and are succeeding can keep you accountable and encourage you to continue to stick to your diet and exercise plan. By keeping detailed records of your progress in a journal, you will stay motivated and be aware of any mistakes you’ve made. When you realize that you’re slowly but surely losing weight, you will feel good about yourself and avoid making excuses as to why you can’t eat healthy or workout.

Find an Exercise Partner

The benefits of finding an exercise partner are endless. Working out with another dedicated, trustworthy individual can help you stay consistent with your exercise plans. In addition, exercising with someone else makes the whole workout out more enjoyable.

When searching for an exercise partner, find someone who is positive, realistic, and optimistic about reaching a healthy weight and staying fit for life. Choosing someone who cannot commit, belittles progress, and is unresponsive to your encouragement can hinder your weight loss goals.

Many weight loss patients who have worked with exercise partners in the past report that time goes by faster when they exercise with someone else. In addition, they expressed that they are less likely to cancel a workout when they know another person is dependent on them.

Celebrating progress and success is also more fun with a partner than alone. You can set specific goals for yourself while your partner sets goals for themselves. Once these goals are met, you two can celebrate by going out for a drink or a nice dinner.

Weight loss is not possible without accountability. If you’re interested in losing weight and gaining confidence, Total HealthcareMD can help. We are experienced in helping our patients stay accountable for their own success. Contact us today for more information.