Negative Effects of Sitting

It is no secret that sitting behind a desk all day can be bad for your back and posture, but did you know it can also be damaging to your health? Movement encourages your body to breakdown fats and sugars, a process which is slowed when movement ceases. These are some of the advantages of a standing desk. For this reason and more, extended amounts of sitting has been linked to the following health issues:

  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar
  • Abnormal cholesterol levels
  • Obesity and weight gain
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers

What’s even more terrifying is that studies show that exercising daily is not enough physical activity to offset the damaging effects of extended sitting. For someone who makes their living on their feet, such as a teacher, nurse, or retail worker, extended sitting is unlikely to be a problem. However, for many adults who work in an office, sitting behind a desk all day is part of their job description.weight loss cary

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The Benefits of a Standing Desk

If you are asking yourself, “what can I do to combat the negative effects of sitting”, the answer is simple, stand. That’s right. We are talking standing desks. In recent years, standing desks have been gaining popularity, and for good reason. Health benefits of a standing desk include:

  • Increase in amount of calories burned
  • Reduction in back pain
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Ability to lower risk for heart disease, weight gain, and obesity
  • Increase in productivity levels
  • Ability to lower blood sugar levels

Additionally, studies found that adults who spend more time standing have a higher life expectancy than someone who spends a large portion of their day sitting. With so many wonderful health benefits linked to standing, considering a standing desk is a wise choice for someone who works behind a desk all day. If your boss needs a little convincing, be prepared to share studies to support your case.

Standing Desk Alternatives

If a standing desk just isn’t in the cards, try getting on your feet more frequently throughout the day. Stand while talking on the phone, walk laps around the parking lot during your lunch break, or simply try to get up a few times an hour to stretch: take a walk to the printer, refill your water, or opt for a quick lap around your office. The key is to keep moving.

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