As the cold gloomy weather fades away and the sunshine and blue skies start to appear, exercise options to lose weight become far more exciting. Although working out indoors at a local gym is great, taking your workout outside while enjoying the fresh air and natural sunlight is even greater. According to research, outdoor exercise activities are correlated with reduced depression and fatigue and improved vitality and self-esteem.

When performing an outdoor exercise to lose weight, you can also burn more calories because of factors such as fluctuating outdoor temperatures, wind, and uneven terrain. If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of exercising outdoors this summer, Total HealthcareMD recommends the following outdoor exercise ideas to help you shed the pounds:

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Biking is an incredibly effective outdoor exercise to lose weight. By biking outdoors rather than at a spinning class, you’ll notice that the time passes faster because of the beautiful scenery that will surround you. Outdoor biking will give you the opportunity to explore new neighborhoods and trails while stimulating the calves, glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. For the ultimate challenge and the chance to burn even more calories, don’t be afraid to try mountain biking.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

If you happen to live by a beach or have plans to take a beach vacation this summer, be sure to take advantage of snorkeling or scuba diving. In addition to a being a memorable experience, snorkeling and scuba diving offer a healthy combination of cardio and strength training so that you can burn calories while toning your body. Snorkeling and scuba diving are ideal for weight loss patients with joint problems because they offer the benefits of cardio without the discomfort, strain, and stress of a workout on land.


If you’re searching for a simple outdoor exercise to lose weight, you can’t go wrong with running. Unlike running indoors, outdoor running forces you to challenge your muscles and run at a faster pace as a result of the wind resistance and uneven pavement. If possible, plan outdoor running routes that incorporate flat, uphill, and downhill terrain to work as many muscles as possible. Jogging is another outdoor exercise that you can engage in for a low-impact workout that provides similar benefits.

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