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Refer a Patient

We appreciate your confidence in our staff to care for your patient and guide them on their wellness journey.

Why Refer a Patient?

Our medically supervised team consists of nurse practitioners, physicians assistants and registered dietitians who are committed to providing individualized patient care to target the underlying causes of obesity. Our team takes a holistic approach to provide each patient the tools and resources they need to live a better quality life. 


How to Refer a Patient?

Please complete the Patient Referral Form, then send it to our Referral Coordinator:

Phone number: 919-436-3777
Fax number: 919-267-4302
Referral Coordinator’s Email: victoriam@totalhealthcaremd.com 
Our Referral Coordinator will reach out to your patient within 24 hours of receiving the referral to schedule him/her for a free, no obligation consultation. 
We will inform you as soon as your patient has scheduled an appointment with us or if we are unable to contact your patient. 

Additionally, we will provide updates on your patient and his/her progress throughout our program.

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