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Cary Weight Loss Clinic – Total HealthcareMD is proud to accept insurance as payment for our weight loss and wellness program. Accepting insurance allows our patients to reap the benefits of a superior weight loss program without having to pay out of pocket. This provides Triangle residents with more affordable and attainable weight loss solutions. Therefore, if you are ready to lose weight and get healthy, we invite you to find out more about insurance for weight loss below.

Why Would Your Insurance Cover Weight Loss?

At Total HealthcareMD, we believe the question should be “why would your insurance NOT cover weight loss?”. It is no secret that obesity can lead to a fair share of medical conditions, such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and more. As a preventative measure, many health insurance companies are adding coverage for weight loss into their plans. Although this is a huge benefit to customers, insurance for weight loss is actually a smart business move for insurance companies as well because it can save them money down the road. Take the following two scenarios for instance:

Scenario 1:

Mary was obese and at risk for many weight related conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension. Her insurance company covered her weight loss program and her prediabetes and pre-hypertension went away. Now Mary is much healthier and living a happy, active lifestyle.

Scenario 2:

Anna is obese and has been diagnosed with prediabetes and pre-hypertension. Her insurance doesn’t cover weight loss and therefore Anna does not lose weight. Her prediabetes and pre-hypertension develop into full blown diabetes and hypertension. It require medication, monitoring, and frequent visits to the doctor.

As you can see from the scenarios above, insurance for weight loss is a wise decision for both the insurer as well as the insured. In fact, more and more insurance companies are covering weight loss.

How Do I Know If My Insurance Covers Weight Loss?

insurance for weight lossAlthough reading your insurance policy may do the trick, In order to determine if your insurance plan will cover your weight loss, it is advised to speak with a representative from your insurance company. Additionally, our staff will contact your insurance provider on your behalf to gather information in regards to what services it may or may not cover, as well as information on any copays that may exist. Our team is well versed in working with insurance companies and will gladly assist you with questions about your policy.

Cary Weight Loss Clinic – Learn More About Insurance for Weight Loss

If you are at risk for weight-related medical conditions, do not hesitate to contact Total HealthcareMD today. We offer customized weight loss and wellness plans that will fit your lifestyle. Stop by today for a complimentary assessment. We look forward to helping you rediscover your health.