While breastfeeding does burn extra calories, it can also make mothers hungrier, which can make it a challenge to lose weight while breastfeeding. Mothers of babies often resort to carbs and sweets to satisfy their cravings and make themselves feel better about sleep deprivation and the challenging transition that comes with caring for a newborn baby.Breastfeeding baby. Mother and her baby

Fortunately, losing weight while breastfeeding is possible through a healthy caloric intake and the proper amount of exercise. The weight loss experts at Total HealthcareMD have helped many mothers implement effective weight loss diets to shed the pounds while breastfeeding and get back to their post baby bodies. Here are several of our suggestions for moms looking to drop the pounds while breastfeeding:

Eat Smaller Meals More Frequently

By eating regularly throughout the day, mothers can stimulate their metabolism because they are constantly giving it fuel. Consistent eating will also ensure that a mother’s body will not be deprived of the nutrients it needs to make breast milk. In addition, regular meals will give breastfeeding mothers enough energy to last the entire day.

Engage in Light Exercise

Many mothers wrongfully assume that exercise can ruin the quality of breast milk. It’s a good idea to start a light exercise regimen while breastfeeding. Whether it’s weekly yoga at home, going for walks with the baby, or attending a low impact exercise class at a local gym, engaging in light exercise will get mothers on the right track to losing their baby weight..

Keep Healthy Snacks Close

To combat hunger without consuming too many calories, breastfeeding mothers should keep healthy snacks such as dried fruit or nuts with them at all times. Whether these snacks are stored in a diaper bag or handbag, they should be easily accessible to help keep hunger at bay. Keeping healthy snacks will help prevent mothers from going through drive thrus and reaching for unhealthy foods while they are in a hurry.

Wait Until Your Baby is Over 2 Months Old

Trying to lose weight immediately after childbirth is not a good idea. When a baby is under two months old, the mother is still establishing a milk supply and recovering from childbirth. Focusing too much on weight loss right after a baby is born may diminish a mother’s milk supply weaken her energy level. Therefore, it makes more sense to focus on the newborn and start making weight loss a priority when the baby gets a little older.

Focus on Slow and Steady Weight Loss

When a mother suddenly loses a drastic amount of weight, milk supply can be significantly reduced. The best plan for breastfeeding mothers who would like to lose weight is to lose weight gradually and aim for up to one year to return back to their pre-pregnancy weight.

If you’ve recently had a baby and are looking to lose weight while breastfeeding or nursing, contact Total HealthcareMD today. We have helped many mothers shed off their post baby pounds and feel confident once again.