Waiting long periods of time before noticing any results is one of the most common frustrations of weight loss patients. When they commit to a healthy diet, regular exercise routines, prescription weight loss medications, and other lifestyle changes in order to lose weight, they’d like to see their hard work pay off sooner rather than later.

Here at Total HealthcareMD, we understand the annoyance that often comes with waiting months and months and only seeing minimal or no results. Fortunately, our individualized weight loss plans are designed to maximize each patient’s time so they lose weight in a quicker, more efficient manner. In addition to a medically supervised custom weight loss program, we also recommend the following tips for patients looking to lose weight quickly and easily.

Select Water Instead of Other Beverages

Instead of stopping at a local coffee shop every morning to grab a mocha latte, weight loss patients should opt for a bottle of water. Coffee drinks, juice, soda, and alcohol are all loaded with calories and/or sugar. By staying away from these beverages or only consuming them in small portions, weight loss patients will instantly be able to cut their calorie intake. Additionally, water is a great way to feel fuller faster, avoid overeating, and control portions.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping seven to eight hours each night is an essential yet overlooked way to lose weight faster. Getting enough sleep can help weight loss patients avoid late night snack cravings, burn more calories, and have the energy necessary to participate in an active lifestyle. A study performed by researchers at the University of Chicago confirmed that weight loss patients who snooze for less than four hours per night have a slower metabolism than those who sleep for a full eight hours.

Don’t Fall for Unrealistic Weight Loss Programs

It can be tempting to choose one of the many weight loss programs on the market that promise weight loss patients that they can shed the pounds in several days or weeks. It’s important to understand that almost always, these gimmicks fail or only provide short term results. By selecting a personalized medically supervised weight loss program at a reliable weight loss clinic like Total HealthcareMD, you’ll save your money, time, and emotional pain that you may experience when these schemes don’t work.

If you’re ready to start seeing your weight loss efforts pay off, contact Total HealthcareMD. Dr. Martin van Cleef will create a custom plan for you that will include a diet plan, exercise routine, and prescription weight loss drugs if necessary.