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204 Davis Grove Circle, Suite 103, Cary, NC 27519

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  1. What’s the difference between “good” and “bad” cholesterol? [HDL VS LDL]

    You’ve probably heard many times about cholesterol and how important it is to keep the right level–as you know, having high cholesterol can affect your health and body–but did you know that there are actually two types of cholesterol? They are known as HDL and LDL or “good” and “bad” cholesterol. Today, our specialist from…

  2. We know how to boost your energy levels!

    If you wake up in the morning needing a little energy boost to get you going, this recipe is for you. Made out of 5 superfoods, it provides a great start to the day – not to mention its chocolaty-peanutty flavour is absolutely mind-blowing! A guilt-free treat for all the chocolate lovers out there! Ingredients:…

  3. Cary Weight Loss – A list of healthy habits to adopt in 2018: a checklist

    Are you looking for quick fixes in your diet? Here is a list of healthy habits to adopt if you want to get in better shape this year. Pick and choose the ones that speak to you. Put them in your calendar or journal and STICK to them. The results will come in no time.

  4. Cary Weight Loss – New Year’s Resolutions: Stay on track with these easy-to-implement weight loss resolutions!

    Happy New Year! 2017 is officially over, time to make room for 2018! We all want to do better in the new year; that’s why we make new year’s resolutions. Some are better, some are worse. They all share one common risk, though – that we’ll forget about them by the beginning of February. Why?…

  5. Cary Weight Loss – Healthy Eating Plan for Kids

    Cary Weight Loss – Healthy Eating Plan for Kids Cary Weight Loss – The secret to getting healthy and losing unwanted weight starts in the kitchen. For kids, this also starts with the parents. Many adults who are on a diet plan tend to cook a meal for themselves and a separate meal for the…

  6. The ABC’s of Healthy Fall Produce

    With backyard gardens thriving, the corner fruit stand open for business and the Farmers Market full of vendors, clean eating is a breeze in the summer months. As temperatures begin to cool and your summer garden has its final harvest, you may be left thinking the days of fresh fruits and vegetables are behind you….