If you have been struggling with weight loss, chances are you have searched the internet for “best way to lose weight” on one or more occasions. However, you are likely to have found many mixed opinions when it comes to the topic of weight loss and what works and what doesn’t. The reason for this is that no two people are the same. What works for one person may not provide any results for another person. There are many diet fads, exercise routines, and weight loss programs plastered across social media and the internet, leaving you wondering if they really work and if they are “the best way to lose weight.”

The Best Way to Lose Weight: A Diet Plan that Fits YOUR needs

best way to lose weightThe best way to lose weight is what works for your lifestyle, your body, and your health. Although it is possible to find a diet on the internet and drop a few pounds, often times these diets may not work for your specific needs. In order for a diet to be effective, you need to be eating the right foods and the right portions. Total HealthcareMD creates customized diet plans for our patients based on their specific caloric needs. This is where the “no two people are the same” comes into play. Every person has different caloric needs, and in order to lose weight effectively and efficiently, these needs should be met. When you find a diet on the internet, you may be getting too little calories or too many calories for your body. Therefore, it is important to seek help from a professional.  

The Best Way to Lose Weight: Realistic Exercise Expectations

Let’s face it, few of us look like these men and women we see in the exercise videos. If we don’t look like them, we shouldn’t be expected to work out like them. If you have never been a runner, it is not realistic to sign up for a 5k next month. The best way to lose weight is to set realistic exercise expectations. Start slow and stick with it. Setting obtainable goals will help keep you motivated and inspired to stay active. Walking, swimming, and biking are a great place to start.

The Best Way To Lose Weight: Be Held Accountable

We all lose motivation. However, the best way to weight lose involves having someone to hold you accountable on days when you feel like throwing in the towel. Losing weight without support is nearly impossible. Whether that support system is a friend, family member, or the weight loss team at Total HealthcareMD, having someone to push you the extra mile and remind you of why you started this journey in the first place is key.

The Best Way to Lose Weight: What Works For You!

At Total HealthcareMD, we are committed to helping out patients lose weight in a way that is safe, effective, and fits their lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more about our program, we invite you to explore our website. We offer complimentary consultations and would love to help you create the “best way to lose weight” that you are searching for.