Drinking water is essential for weight loss for a variety of reasons. Finding the best tasting flavored water can be a great way to encourage the habit. Drinking water provides weight loss patients with hydration without the calories. It can also help them feel fuller sooner and in turn, avoid overeating. In addition, drinking water flushes wastes from the body and helps expedite the weight loss process.

Best Tasting Flavored Water

Although water offers many benefits for weight loss patients, it is often avoided due to its bland taste. Fortunately, using the best tasting flavored water additives that can be easily combined with a bottle of H2O to spruce it up a bit and make it more enjoyable to drink on a regular basis. Here at Total Healthcare MD in Cary NC we believe these are the best tasting flavored water additives:

Stur Liquid Water Enhancer

Stur liquid water enhancer makes some of the best tasting flavor water, as it is comprised with all-natural fruit and stevia leaf extracts. This additive is ideal for weight loss patients because it does not contain any calories or sugar. Stur is available in eight flavors including strawberry watermelon, pomegranate cranberry, orange mango, black tea and lemon, original coconut water, coconut water lime, and coconut water pineapple.

Skinnygirl Water Enhancer

Skinnygirl water enhancer can transform water for weight loss patients by adding a hint of subtle sweetness. These enhancers are only five calories and contain natural sweeteners, flavors, and colors. Unlike many additives on the market, Skinnygirl water enhancer is not made with harmful antifreeze agents. Skinnygirl flavors such as white cherry, pineapple coconut, tangerine pink grapefruit, and blueberry acai can tailor to a variety of tastebuds.

MiO Fit Liquid Water Enhancer

MiO Fit makes it possible for weight loss patients to turn water into a zero calorie sports drink. It is loaded with electrolytes and Vitamin B to help support hydration. MiO Fit is offered in four tasty flavors that include arctic grape, berry blast, orange, and lemon lime.

At Home Additives

While the water enhancers mentioned above are all great options, there are also many ways to dress up water using natural ingredients at home. This method typically contains less sugar and calories that are seen in most water additives. Lemon, lime, mint, melon, cucumber, and ginger all serve as natural water additives. Flavored ice cubes filled with lemon, cranberry, or other fresh fruit are also good choices.

If you’re dedicated to meeting your weight loss goals but would like some guidance on how to add the best tasting flavored water to your diet, contact Total HealthcareMD today. We look forward to helping you find an additive that’s healthy and suitable for your tastebuds.