During the dreary winter months, working out may be the last thing you want to do. However, exercise plans should not hibernate in the winter and can be fun despite the cold temperatures. At Total HealthcareMD, we stress the importance of regular exercise regardless of the weather conditions. Here are four of the best indoor workouts that are ideal for the colder months.

Best Indoor Workouts

  1. Pilates
    Pilates is one of the best indoor workouts that can help you stay strong and lean throughout the whole year. It is a full body routine that can tone and shape your body while strengthening and lengthening your muscles. Pilates is an excellent addition to exercise plans for all individuals because it helps develop flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, muscular endurance, and good posture with a low chance of injury.This workout comes with endless variations of exercises so you’ll never get bored with Pilates. If you’re searching for some extra cardio, Pilates reformer classes that use pulleys and springs to create a fast-moving workout are available as well.
  2. Indoor CyclingBest Indoor Workouts
    With indoor cycling, you’ll get an effective alternative to a popular outdoor workout with fun music and encouraging instructors instead of beautiful scenery. Indoor cycling classes are typically 45-minutes to an hour long and feature stationary bikes with tilted frames that make it possible for you to lean and steer while pedaling. This workout is phenomenal for your upper body, legs, glutes, and core. By selecting indoor cycling rather than spinning, you can burn approximately 20 percent more calories and also enjoy a sound mental workout.
  3. Barre
    Ballet inspired Barre fitness classes consist of a ballet barre and some exercise equipment such as small hand weights and mini-balls. Barre classes are a combination of dance, yoga, and Pilates and intended to slim, sculpt, and stretch the entire body. Exercise plans that incorporate Barre are ideal because this workout delivers rapid results, increased flexibility and endurance, toned muscles, core strength, cellulite reduction, and improved bone health.
  4. At-Home Workouts
    If you prefer to workout in the comfort of your own home rather than opting for an indoor class like Pilates, indoor cycling, or Barre, there are a wide array of exercises you can focus on. For at-home cardio, you can jump rope, climb up and down a set of stairs, or do some old fashioned jumping jacks. Full-body exercises such as burpees and kettlebell swings are also easy to perform at home. Additionally, strength training exercises like hammer curls, deadlifts, and overhead presses should be included with or without weights.

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