This special Holiday Season is supposed to be a time filled with joy, happiness and love that we share with our family and friends. It is also a time when you most likely give yourselves the green light to indulge in eating and drinking, and after holidays you realize you have put on weight.

How to stay healthy and keep your weight stable over the festive season? Today, our specialist from Weight Loss Center in Cary will present 5 tips for having a healthier holiday without extra pounds!  

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  1. Keep moving

Don’t sit on the sofa all day watching TV. Go for a walk instead!

If you think spending all day on the sofa is the proper way to rest, you are wrong. You will feel more tired, especially after this big dinner. All you need are some activities, so encourage the whole family to get some fresh air.

You can also try the outdoor gifts with kids, like bikes, scooters, or even outdoor games. If you spend holidays alone, far from your family, then visit the gym, go to the swimming pool or take your dog for a long walk. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, as long as you are moving.

The more activity, the better your health.

2. Stay hydrated and avoid too much alcohol

Celebrating with a glass of wine or two during the festive season is ok! However, you should be aware, that most alcoholic drinks contain empty calories and have no nutritional value.

Before and during your big night out don’t forget to drink a lot of water. This will help keep you hydrated, reduce the risk of a hangover, but also stop you from drinking too much alcohol later.

There are some non-alcoholic options, such as iced tea, sparkling mineral water, lime and soda water that you can have between regular drinks or instead. What is also very important is to have something to eat before you drink. It will slow the absorption of alcohol into your body.

3. Be selective and limit overeating

Research shows that we eat around 3,000 calories in our Christmas dinner, which is more than the entire recommended daily calorie allowance for a grown man!

Just think, do you really have to eat that much and then feel uncomfortably full with indigestion and heartburn, not to mention weight gain? Moreover, if you don’t cook for the whole family, there is no point to cook a lot and make big portions, for example, rather than cook a whole turkey, prepare only breast or the legs. Or if you cook a whole turkey, put some aside to freeze and have later.

Try to eat regular-sized portions. A study shows that we consume more when we use bigger plates, and when there’s more food on offer. Additionally, after a meal take a 20-minute break to see if you’re still hungry. As it takes some time for your brain to note that your stomach is full.

That means that most likely you will realize you’ve had enough food and that you are not hungry anymore.

4. Don’t stress out

We all have stressors in our life and in spite of the fact that the Holiday Season is supposed to be a joyful time, we stress even more. There’s the extra pressure of trying to get everything done on time, crowds at the malls, fighting traffic and expectations from families.

Does everything really have to be perfect? Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s ok to overcook the roast or leave your closet messy. You don’t need extra stress, especially before and during the holidays. Just be positive and keep a sense of humor. This time with your family, that lasts just one day and is not worth stressing over.

5. Eat fruits and vegetables

Let’s face it. Most people forget about fruits and even vegetables throughout the entire holiday.

We know how delicious and tempting a turkey with stuffing and gravy can be, and for dessert the pumpkin pie, raisin pudding, or other cakes. However, don’t forget to get your portion of vitamins and minerals that will help you keep healthy. Make sure to add to your shopping list and your plate some fruits and veggies.   

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