What comes to mind when you hear the word diet? Restriction, no fun, hunger? Or health, beauty, wellness? If you only think of a diet as a challenge or a restriction, you are more likely to quit before seeing any results.

There are many aspects of an effective diet, but the most important is your understanding that dieting is not a short-term way to lose weight quickly. It is a journey of transformation towards a healthy lifestyle and balanced eating habits, which do not have to be extremely restrictive. This is the message delivered to every patient at our weight loss center in Cary

If you notice yourself breaking your diet constantly, not being disciplined, and having cheat meals too often, do not blame yourself. Rather, think about the reason that makes you give up.

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Here are the most common reasons why people tend not to stick to their eating plans, based on the experience of the doctors at our weight loss clinic.

#1 You’re not eating enough

To lose weight, you need to be consuming fewer calories than you expend. However, the key to a successful diet plan is calculating how many fewer calories you actually need. First, you must know your metabolic rate, i.e., the calories needed to perform your daily activities and to maintain the energy sufficient to do what you usually do. An office worker’s maintenance level is going to be different from that of a construction worker or a dancer. Here, at our clinic, we help you to do the precise calculations that you need to know for your diet plan. Everything less than maintenance is a deficit, which helps you lose weight. However, if the deficit is too high, i.e., you are not eating enough, you are likely to feel hungry, low in energy, and cranky.

Less is not always more, meaning drastically cutting your calories to speed up the process of weight loss may only show results in the short-term. But we assure you: It’s not sustainable or smart.

Contact our staff to help you get all the accurate and tailored calorie intake information needed for YOU. Total HealthcareMD proudly provides weight loss solutions to patients in Cary, Apex, Raleigh and the surrounding areas. 

#2 You are going through a tough time

There are times when we are feeling down. This emotional breakdown may lead to emotional eating, wherein you tend to eat more than you normally would. People eat to comfort themselves and distract themselves from a negative situation. They turn to mostly sugary and high-fat foods to feel relief, breaking an established diet.

Think about your issues as a temporary and don’t let emotions take over your rational decision to be healthy.

#3 You’ve cut out your favorite food completely

If you love chocolate or cheesecake and know that you can’t go the rest of your life without it, then you shouldn’t cut it out of your diet. The key to a successful diet is moderation. As long as the chocolate (ice cream, wine, pizza or whatever it may be) is accounted for in your daily calorie intake then you will continue to see progress in weight loss. It doesn’t mean you can eat it daily, but treating yourself once is okay!

At our weight loss center in Cary, we are sure that one of the biggest determining factors when it comes to sticking to a diet is whether or not you enjoy the way you’re eating. If you don’t, then it won’t last. The most effective diet in the world is useless if you can’t stick to it.

#4 You may have the wrong idea about dieting

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the word diet is often paired with ‘short term.’ Try to think of a diet as a way to a healthy body and mind, and the rest will follow. Healthy eating habits should become a lifestyle, something you would like to do every day. After all, don’t you want to be in shape year-round and not just for the 2 weeks you’re on vacation or the day of your wedding?

Flick the mental switch from short-term to lifetime and watch your body change before your eyes.

#5 You don’t know WHY you do what you do

You can have that diet planned by a dietitian, exercises structured by a fitness trainer and meals delivered by catering companies. There’s nothing wrong with that: You get the help of professionals instead of spending twice the time doing the research and the execution. However, you cannot follow their paths blindly. At our Cary weight loss clinic, we believe that you need to know WHY you are eating the way you are. Knowledge will make the process easier, as you will understand the reasoning behind it.

Not only will it show up in your results, but it also allows you to learn more about your own body by finding out what works and what doesn’t. Take the time to learn more about the way you’re eating, and you’ll be surprised at how simple it really is to live a happy, healthy and lean life 365 days of the year.

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