1. Orange Juice

Orange juice is non-health food in disguise, as it is full of vitamin C and comes from fruit. However, there are two issues with it.

The first is that it is high in sugar, like most juices. The second is that most of the orange juice you buy from the store is from concentrate. In other words, it’s pure orange juice that has been dehydrated for easy transportation and then watered back down to taste. This refining process means that your natural orange juice is quite different from the fresh orange it was squeezed from!

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2. Baked Potatoes

OK, so potatoes aren’t a terrible thing to eat, as they are natural vegetables, containing lots of fiber. However, potatoes are significantly higher in calories and carbohydrates than other veggies. Neither of these things will help you to lose weight. If you then load up your baked potato with sour cream, cheese or bacon, you have a much less healthy meal than you started with.

Try baked sweet potato instead, as they have fewer carbohydrates, but lots of beta carotene and fiber. Just remember to leave off the toppings!

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3. Cereal

What is your go-to breakfast? If it is cereal, then it’s time to rethink.

Cereal is the product of heavy marketing: full of vitamins, minerals, whole grains, fiber – you name it, and cereal seems to have it! What marketing campaigns do not tell you is that cereal is very high in sugar and is classified as a refined carbohydrate. For a better breakfast choice, try oatmeal with nuts, raisins, berries and fruit, all added by yourself.

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4. Yogurts

When we talk about yogurt, we’re obviously not suggesting that all yogurt is bad for you. Unflavored Greek yogurt or any natural yogurt, pure and simple, with no added sugar, is a great source of protein.

Flavored yogurts are an unhealthy choice due to the added sugars. Fruit purees are the biggest culprit here as they contain more glucose than anything else.

Adding whole frozen berries or fresh fruit to natural yogurt makes for a much healthier breakfast or dessert.

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5. Sweet potato or beet chips

They may seem like a more nutritious choice, but let’s be careful. If you look on the ingredient list of these chips, sweet potatoes and beets usually are in the first position, followed by oil. Whatever benefit you would get from substituting sweet potatoes or beets instead of potatoes goes away when fried. It may seem healthier because of the larger amount of vitamins in sweet potatoes and beets, but don’t be misled: It’s really more of a marketing thing.

As with every less healthy food, do not cut them off your diet, but be careful and moderate your consumption.

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