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5 dieting tips for men

Losing weight can be quite a challenge. But you’ve made the decision to make a change, which is the most important part of the process. In this article, we will share 5 dieting tips for men who are looking to get in better shape. They’re very simple; implementing them in your everyday life requires nothing but your strong will and determination. Without any further ado, let’s jump right in:

1. Start moving

weight loss caryWhen it comes to weight gain, the lack of activity is usually a big part of the problem. If you’re guilty of spending more time lying on your couch with a bag of chips than anything else, then it’s time to change that. And no, we don’t mean that you suddenly have to become a fitness junkie and spend your days at the local gym. Actually, as little as 30 minutes of cardio a day can make a huge difference, not only in your appearance, but also your overall health (your heart will be especially grateful – they’re not called ‘cardio’ exercises for nothing!). If you’re one of those people who only tolerates sport if it’s on a flat screen, don’t worry, we’re not telling you that you have to play basketball every day. Why not choose something you really like? Then it’s not even an effort and the process of losing weight becomes a piece of cake (so to say!). There are so many things to choose from – walking, running, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, biking, nordic walking, dancing, vacuuming (who doesn’t love that?!), swimming, playing outside with your kids, gardening – literally, anything that gets your breath quicker counts.

2. Have a plan

Man are usually very organized and like to do things according to a plan. Why not apply this to your weight loss efforts? It’s so much easier to follow a ready-made plan than having to think about what to do or eat next. The idea is to create a custom-made weight loss program that you have no trouble following. The only way to stick to your new lifestyle is to make it enjoyable. You don’t believe that anything in any way connected to losing weight can be enjoyable? Well, we encourage you to watch some of our (male!) clients’ testimonials. They have managed to lose weight effectively, using one of our custom-made weight loss programs. We base our personalized programs on the client’s likes and dislikes, preferences and habits. Every person’s life is different, so it only makes sense to customize their plan according to their everyday routine. Our plans include recipes that are easy, tasty and super-healthy. But don’t just take our word for it; schedule a free consultation with our dietitian and see how easy losing weight can be.      

3. Take small steps

Men like to see immediate results. When they decide to lose weight, they really get into it. From our experience, most men who seek help at our Cary weight loss center have experienced a failed attempt at dieting. When we talk to them, we can immediately tell why they didn’t succeed. It’s never the lack of motivation or will that is the problem. On the contrary – they fail because they want it so much. It sounds counterproductive, but the truth is that men are not designed to take things easy. That’s why they try to do everything at once. They attempt to completely change their ways overnight, coming up with an unrealistic food and exercise regime. It usually takes about 2 weeks before they go back to their old lifestyle. Why? We are all creatures of habit. It takes time to develop new ones, and it’s never a good idea to take drastic measures and try to do everything at once. Taking small steps, celebrating small successes, slowly progressing to the goal we set for ourselves – that’s the only sure way to lose weight effectively.

4. Drink more water

weight loss clinic caryThis rule is universal and applies to both men and woman. Drinking water is great for many reasons. Not only do our bodies consist mostly of water, meaning it’s only natural that we stay hydrated, but water can also help you overcome your cravings. Did you know that your body signals hunger and thirst in the same way? It means that if you think you’re hungry (even though you just ate), you are probably just thirsty. Drinking water also aids digestion, flushes toxins out of your body, and keeps your appetite in check. Need we say more? If you are having a hard time transitioning away from soda because you miss the fizz, try sparkling waters and add pizzazz to what some consider a boring drink!

5. Don’t drink your calories

And we don’t just mean soda. Did you know that a can of beer is almost 200 calories? And be honest with yourself – when was the last time you stopped at one? Alcohol is extremely caloric and has absolutely no nutritional value. We recommend giving it up altogether, but if that’s not realistic for you, try to at least limit the amount you consume. Unlike women, men usually only gain weight in the stomach area, and beer plays a significant role in that (beer belly, anyone?). What’s more, beer makes you hungry so you are more prone to reach for snacks – peanuts, chips, etc. Challenge yourself to a ‘sobriety month’ and let yourself see the difference.

The best approach is to get help from someone with a medical background. At our Weight Loss Center in Cary, our patients are served by a team that includes a weight loss physician.. If you’d like to find out more about our center, visit our website or call us. We are looking forward to helping you achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself!   

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