Maintaining weight loss is a common struggle for many patients. A patient will work hard to meet his or her weight loss goals, finally achieve results, and gain the weight back once they’ve lost it. While weight loss maintenance can be challenging, it is certainly not impossible. Here at Total HealthcareMD, we are experts in assisting our patients in losing weight
and keeping off the pounds for good. The following tips are ideal for patients who are unsure of how to make all of their hard work and dedication pay off for a lifetime.

1. Fiber Intake

It’s no surprise that individuals who are able to maintain their weight loss eat plenty of fiber. Fiber filled foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, beans, and nuts are known to make weight loss patients feel fuller faster. Being able to feel full in a shorter period of time to avoid overeating is one of the keys of weight loss maintenance.

2. Staying on the Bandwagon

Holidays, vacations, and stress happen to everyone. When these instances occur, many individuals stop exercising regularly and splurge on unhealthy foods. While it’s okay to take a break from diet plans when these inevitable life events happen, it’s important to get back on track as soon as possible. Note that it’s possible to recover from setbacks and maintaining a healthy weight is a marathon rather than a sprint.

3. Seek Support from Others

Individuals who work out and eat healthy with friends or family members often feel more motivated to follow their diet and exercise plans on a regular basis. Teaming up with others to maintain weight loss can hold people accountable. Those who are struggling to find support with their weight loss goals can participate in group fitness classes or speak to a dietitian in Cary or another weight loss expert.

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4. Plenty of Sleep

By sacrificing sleep, it can be difficult for a body to maintain a regular eating schedule and appetite. A lack of sleep causes imbalanced hormones which trigger hunger and reduce Leptin production, which is essential for suppressing appetite. In order to keep the weight off, getting at least seven hours of sleep each night is required.

The most effective way to keep weight off is to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and repeat them every single day. For support with your weight loss and weight maintenance goals, contact Total HealthcareMD today.