Weight Loss Clinic in Cary – 3 Tips for Healthy Eating

Here at our Weight Loss Clinic in Cary we know this for sure – healthy eating is an important part of weight loss and wellness. No matter if you are overweight, underweight, or just right, everyone can benefit from healthy eating. However, the fast food chains on every corner, the television commercials advertising delicious junk foods, and the grocery store displays that are calling out to you as you pass by, can make you question your decision to eat well. As hard as it is to avoid temptation, deep down you have the willpower to eat right.

Below are 3 expert tips to help you on your journey to healthy eating:

  1. Cook at Home: The best way to ensure healthy eating is in your own kitchen. At home, you can control the foods you eat and the ingredients that go in your dishes, ensuring you get the best nutrients for your body. Tips for healthier cooking include using coconut oil instead of vegetable oil and grilling over frying.
  2. Cut the Salt: Did you know that it is estimated that three quarters of the salt we consume on a daily basis is already in the foods we buy? Food items such as breads, soups, and even cereal contain large amounts of salt. Therefore, adding extra salt to your food should be avoided for healthy eating. A diet that is high in salt can increase your blood pressure, leading to serious health concerns such as hypertension and prehypertension which can cause stroke or heart disease. How much salt should you be eating? It is recommended that adults consume 6 grams or less of salt a day. Looking for great way to control the salt in your diet? Refer back to number one.
  3. Exercise Portions Control: Have you ever visited a different country and thought to yourself, “wow, they have really small portions here!”. Unfortunately, the reality is the United States has large portions, and in many cases, too large. In order to avoid overeating, start by putting a half of your normal portion on your plate. Eat slowly and if you are still hungry, then go back for more. It takes time for your stomach to send the message to your brain that you are full, so eating slowly will help you avoid eating too much.

The Role Calories Play in Healthy Eating

While implementing the tips above, it is also important to ensure you are eating the right number of calories. Each person’s caloric needs are different based on many factors. They include metabolism and level of fitness. You want to ensure you are not overdoing it or under-doing it with your caloric intake. Eating too many calories may result in weight gain. On the other hand eating too few may result in unnecessary or unwanted weight loss. Calories fuel your body so it is important to get the perfect amount.

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