Have you been trying to lose weight on your own with little progress? Do you struggle with healthy meal ideas? Are you ready to make a positive lifestyle change? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, medical weight loss may be right for you. No matter your motivation or the number on the scale, medical weight loss at Total HealthcareMD has something to offer for nearly everyone. Take a look at the advantages below.

  1. Someone to Hold you Accountable: Have you found that you are more likely to go to the gym when you are meeting a friend? This is because it is hard to say no when there is someone else counting on you. At Total HealthcareMD, we are that friend. We are invested in your weight loss and will be there to hold you accountable and provide support throughout your medical weight loss journey. We want you to be successful just as much as you want to be successful.
  2. Someone To Do The Behind the Scenes Work: Let’s be honest, do you really know how many calories you are supposed to be consuming on a daily basis? Most folks are not experts at calculating this number and left wondering if they are eating too much or too little. That is where the team at Total HealthcareMD comes in. We will calculate your optimum daily calorie intake for weight loss. Additionally, we will do all the behind the scenes work creating a meal plan tailored to your individual needs. We even have recipes available to take the guesswork out of meal planning.
  3. Someone Who Can Help: As a physician supervised medical weight loss center, Total HealthcareMD has the ability to get to the bottom of your weight loss struggles. Maybe you have hit a plateau and your current routine is no longer working or maybe you have recently been diagnosed with a disease such as diabetes. No matter your unique case, having a physician on staff gives Total HealthcareMD the ability to prescribe weight loss medications when needed as well as provide recommendations and support tailored to your health and your unique needs.

Don’t just take our word for it. Come see for yourself why medical weight loss may be the solution you’ve been seeking. As a physician supervised program, we accept most major insurances, meaning you may be able to get healthy and lose weight with little to no cost to you. Come see what the fuss is about!

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We invite you to explore our program and read our patient testimonials. At Total HealthcareMD, we offer a complimentary, no obligation introductory consultant where you can meet our staff, ask questions, and find out why medical weight loss is gaining popularity. Schedule yours today!