On Saturday, September 29th, Total HealthCare MD will support the Walk of Hope community event dedicated to people affected by infertility.

At Total HealthCare MD, we believe that living a healthy and happy life is a choice that needs to be made in order to be achieved. Despite the issues or health problems people encounter along their way, we believe that there is always a space for hope, love, and a positive attitude. We support the idea behind the Walk of Hope because we hope to make a difference in the lives of those who have struggled to build a family.

The Walk of Hope is an event that represents the infertility journey — a series of small steps filled with hope – and serves as a reminder that no one should walk this journey alone. The idea is simple: one morning to walk one mile to unite one community. In the US, the size of this community is significant: nearly 7.3 million men and women living with infertility.

The goal of the Walk is to raise public awareness of infertility and specifically how the disease impacts families. There will be a space to share stories, and through that, support each other and build hope with every step taken along the way.

Funds raised from the Walk will be distributed between local support groups, public awareness initiatives, including online awareness platforms, and advocacy initiatives.

Come and join Total HealthCare MD in supporting people, putting the fun in fundraising, and taking steps towards spreading awareness!